About Us

Luddite Pro is a media organization founded to help the next generation of creative professionals navigate cutting-edge technologies while avoiding exploitative business practices.

Over the past year, it became clear that action needs to be taken to protect ourselves. This includes blocking bot scrapers, glazing our images, identifying generative AI in any form, and staying up to date on the latest industry developments.

We are here to help humans fight the machine, and not in the literal way. Technology is important but must be created with consent, compensation, and proper credit. In order to achieve that, we need transparency from big tech companies in how they use our data.

Many artists and writers are terrified of being associated with the #NoAI movement and vocally getting involved in any form of activism. Because of this, we allow the option of anonymity when providing tips.

If you want to support independent journalism and research, please consider an optional donation.

Questions/Suggestions/Tips? Email us at LudditePro@protonmail.com