Undisclosed AI is a Problem – September 11, 2023

There is a never ending stream of fake images created by AI and posing as the real deal. Undisclosed AI is a problem, whether it’s in writing or images. And it appears Facebook is the perfect platform to spread them.

Facebook pages thrive on viral visual content, and very few people care about fact checking these posts. Twitter is a lot harder to pass off fake AI images as real, since the human artist community there is very involved in activism for human arts.

Thankfully, there’s a small group of dedicated sleuths on Facebook sharing posts to help find undisclosed AI. It’s a great resource and community to help point out the problems. You can also keep up with Luddite Pro on Instagram (Twitter pending).

IMG 5425

We will also keep up with AI art crimes across social media on this site. Feel free to click through to the pages or posts in question to leave a comment and let them know it is AI art fraud. Do be warned you are contributing to their success by doing so.

Let’s start with Geology Wonders, a page with 1.2 million followers dedicated to minerals, gems, fossils, and structures.

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Unfortunately, this amethyst bathtub is none of those things. It’s just another unlabeled AI image pretending to be real in the wild.
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To the defense of the page owner, at least some of the images they share look real. They are largely harvested from other sources, a common theme on popular meme and image sharing pages.

Next up, let’s try to eat cake with Cake Designs, a page with over 200,000 followers.

IMG 5383

Problem is none of these cakes are edible. In fact, they’re AI, and it’s a lot harder to tell with a lot of these pics, as there aren’t a lot of fingers and toes to count…although there are definitely some.

IMG 5378

IMG 5380

And looking at the cakes with a discerning eye, you can easily find more flaws, like this slice that defies the laws of physics by being a triangle at the top and a circle at the bottom.

IMG 5382

There’s also problems with most of the dinnerware, like the pitcher and fork in these pics.

IMG 5377

IMG 5375

The pic above has it all if you look—messed up bird feet, crazy fork, and nonsensical shape with a flying butterfly to boot.

And what’s happening with the cherries in this pic?! In fact, what’s going on with every so those fruit on top of this cake?

IMG 5381

It’s all so unreal. Nobody could eat this garbage, and it’s a shame, because I know some very talented cake designers who deserve the attention much more than these AI grifts.

Let’s move on to Awesome Inventions, which has 2.9 million followers and leans heavily into whimsical and fantastical things.

IMG 5360

Sadly many (if not most) of these things are AI generated and quite obvious too. Like this aquarium pic where they didn’t even bother to separate out the 4-panel default MidJourney output.

IMG 5361

Everything here is obviously AI the more you look at it. Count the chair legs, look at the random nonsense hanging from the ceilings, and question the physics and common sense always.

IMG 5362IMG 5364

Same for this Disney castle bed that is beyond impractical. How big of a room do these kids have anyway?
IMG 5371IMG 5374

At least they aren’t all 4-panel MJ outputs. They do occasionally upscale the one. Like this nonsensical table made of a slab of petrified wood.

IMG 5372

How do those cabinets open with the oven hood blocking them? And the chair just melts into the table. IMG 5373
Also, a wooden slab table is much different than petrified wood. Last but also least for the night, we have Mythical Designs, the smallest of the pages with 68,000 followers.

IMG 5385

It may be small for this list, but that’s a sizable and notable following worth watching. And of course we are because these are obviously AI dragons and obviously AI jack o lanterns.

IMG 5386

AI is awful at pumpkin faces, a flaw we will use next month for a Halloween speed run of undisclosed AI images.

Until then, take care of your mental health, and we’ll see you when we see you.





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